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Pump Maintenance

  • What does an Air Pump do in an aquarium?
    An air pump in an aquarium is responsible for a number of things. Firstly it aerates all the areas of the tank ensuring a sufficient amount of oxygen is always present in your tank. Secondly some pumps create currents which ensure no part of your tank becomes stagnant, and finally some decorations and certain filters are powered using air pumps.
  • What size of pump do I need for my aquarium?
    The Job of your pump is to circulate the water around your tank. Generally it is advised that your pump should be capable of pumping 4 times the volume of your aquarium
  • Why is my pump making a loud noise?
    If you pump is making a loud noise, it maybe because it is placed below water level. Always try to ensure your pump is placed above your tank or at the very least level with it. Positioning it lower means that your pump has to work against gravity and harder to provide air to your aquarium.
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