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Filter Maintenance

  • How often should I replace my filter media?
    This depends on what filter you are using in your tank. Ideally your filter media should be replaced every 3 - 6 weeks depending on saturated it has become. We recommend you consult the instruction manual that comes with your filter.

    In an external filter media should rarely need replacing. If using activated carbon then this will need replacing about once every 6 weeks. Sponges and biological media rarely need replacing. Sponges can be cleaned using old tank water and put back in to the filter, only replace when they start to fall apart. Biological media only requires a quick swish in old tank water every few months. Do not over clean the biological media and do not use tap water when cleaning as this will remove the beneficial bacteria which is required to process the waste as part of the nitrogen cycle.
  • What size filter do I need for the tank I have?
    The size and type of filter you need will depend greatly on two things: 1) The Size of your tank, 2) The level of filtration needed. Generally all manufacturers will state what volume of water is suitable for the filter, but please note that these are guidelines based on a lightly stocked tank. If you plan to keep a lot of fish, then it is better to buy a filter that is more powerful.
  • Should I clean my filter?
    Your filter will also host beneficial bacteria so we do not recommend cleaning with anything more than warm water. Ensure you scrub off any algae or waste food that has accumulated around or inside it.
  • What does Gallons / Litres Per hour mean? (GPH / LPH)
    This is important when purchasing a filter, as it indicates what volume of water will pass through your filtration system every hour. Generally the higher the capacity the more efficient the biological filtration. Remember different tank setups will require different levels of filtration. if you are unsure it is better to check with an expert before putting any livestock in danger.
  • What sort of media do I need to use in my filter?
    The filter media you need will depend on the filter you have in your tank. Usually the brand of filter you have will also manufacturer specific media that will be suited to your filter. We recommend you consult your filter manual for more guidance.
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