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Aquarium Maintenance

  • How often should I clean my gravel?
    Over time, your gravel will start to accumulate beneficial bacteria that filter out waste from your tank. For this reason, we recommend investing in a gravel cleaner so you can remove any build up of waste or uneaten fish food without harming the bacteria. This should be done every time you clean your tank. Alternatively, without a gravel cleaner, we recommend carrying out a partial gravel clean up to half in your tank. Be sure to only use warm tap water and NEVER use a cleaning agent.
  • How regularly should I clean my aquarium?
    We recommend cleaning your aquarium every 2 - 3 weeks. Take out your ornaments and soak them in boling water to remove an dirty and grime. And clean any algae that has formed around the glass. You do not need to adminster a full water change, as your water contains bacteria that break down waste in your tank and replacing your water can eliminate this good bacteria in your tank.
  • Can I use tap water in my tank?
    You can use tap water in your aquarium. Just make sure you use a water conditioner in your aquarium to ensure any impurities are removed which may cause harm to your fish. Please see here for a range of water conditioner
  • How often should I test my water?
    After initially setting up & cycling your freshwater or tropical tank, make sure you test your water to ensure it is suitable for your fish to be added. After this, test your water quality as and when needed, particularly if you spot a change of behaviour in your fish.
  • How often should I change my water
    A partial water change should be administered every 3 - 5 cleans. This can be judged by the smell and clarity of your water. Take out roughly 1/3 of the water and replace this with freshwater. Make sure you top up any evaporated water as needed to.

    Partial water changes can be performed weekly as part of a good maintenance routine. Make sure that you use a water de-chlorinator and that the temperature of the water being replaced is similar to the tank water temperature.
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